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"Never Give Up Just Before the Miracle Happens"

Intervention Success –

A radical approach with proven success in dealing with addiction and co-occurring disorders.


Let’s Stop The Insanity! We specialize in the most difficult cases.


Do you have a family member or friend whose life is being destroyed by addiction?  It is not their fault – it is a fatal disease that can be arrested. Are they suffering from abuse of one of the following?


  • Drugs (Prescription & Illicit)

  • Alcohol

  • Internet/Porn

  • Gambling

  • Compulsive Sex

  • Hording

  • Marijuana and Cigarette Smoking

  • Eating Disorders (Bulimia & Anorexia)


We have successful solutions to the most difficult situations.  We know how to help your family member or friend find the right treatment for their own unique needs, provide support and healing for the family and friends, and develop one month to five year plans for recovery.


Let us show you how miracles in recovery are commonplace – there is a miracle waiting for you.


Contact Steve Timmer at (312) 771-3664 for a Fully Confidential, No-Charge Consultation.

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